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Pourtastic logoPMG Tastings, a leading alcoholic beverage and food retail marketing company based in San Antonio, announces it has entered into a business partnership with Fort Worth-based Pourtastic Tastings LLC.

The partnership is scheduled to launch in September 2022. Once activated, PMG Tastings will continue to focus on expanding its relationships with beer, wine and spirits brands and retailers such as Heineken USA, Founders Brewing Company and Constellation Brands, H-E-B, Spec’s and Total Wine, while Pourtastic Tastings will manage the Brand Ambassador staffing at all PMG Tastings’ in-store events.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, in-store tastings were eliminated or severely curtailed and PMG Tastings focused on expanding its Themed Programs offerings to alcohol brand partners at retail. These offerings include holiday promotions as well as unique themed programs such as “15th Annual Holiday Happenings,” Women in Wine and Beer” and “Beer Lover’s Guide to Tailgating.”

“When retailers began to host their own in-store events such as food and beverage tastings again, PMG Tastings began to explore the idea of joining forces with another industry leader in the tasting events industry,” said PMG Tastings CEO and President Brent Statzer. “We were looking for a results-driven partner with a similar mindset in brand ambassador development and management as ours with a data-driven client reporting platform…Pourtastic is a perfect fit.”

“Having PMG Tastings and Pourtastic Tastings LLC join forces is truly a partnership between two of the top retail events management agencies in Texas, which both have sterling reputations,” said Pourtastic Founder and Managing Partner Amber Rynbrandt.

“PMG Tastings’ geographical focus has been the South Texas region, while Pourtastic Tastings LLC has enjoyed a strong presence in the North Texas region. As a result, the new partnership has a strong geographic synergy,” noted Statzer. “In addition, PMG Tastings has a portfolio of long-standing relationships with major national and regional alcohol brands, while Pourtastic Tastings LLC’s core strengths include strong relationships with its brand ambassadors and a best-in-class proprietary IT system to manage brand ambassador scheduling and provide extensive reporting to brand partners.”

About PMG Tastings

In 2007, PMG Retail and Entertainment began hosting in-store events and on-premise activations such as beer and wine tastings, alcohol and food pairings and themed programs at top retailers in South Texas. This successful venture led PMG to create a subsidiary, PMG Tastings, in 2017. Today, it is one of the top consumer promotions companies in Texas.

About Pourtastic Tastings, LLC

Pourtastic Tastings LLC manages and educates a team of professional brand ambassadors who are passionate about the products they pour and act as an extension of the featured wineries, breweries and distilleries personnel. The company utilizes a proprietary, custom-built events management system to unsure the utmost in event staffing reliability and event data reporting to clients.

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