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PMG Tastings, a food and beverage retail marketing company based in San Antonio that works with top retailers like HEB, Whole Foods, Specs, and Walmart, reached their 100,000th tasting event, a sign South Texans appreciate introductions to new brands and a variety in food and beverage.

“Are South Texans foodies at heart?” asked PMG President & CEO Brent Statzer. “We like to think so. Reaching our 100,000th tasting event confirms what we have believed for a long time: If given the opportunity to try something new, consumers will give it their best shot. Who doesn’t like showing up to a special event with a great new bottle of wine or beer they can show off to their friends and family?”

In 2007, PMG began hosting in-store tasting events and on-premise activations such as wine tastings, beer tastings, alcohol demonstrations and themed programs at top retailers in South Texas. The successful venture lead PMG to create a subsidiary. PMG Tastings opened for business in 2012.

Tasting Events Help Consumers AND Retailers

“In the United States, competition for shopper dollars is fierce. Given the vast brand choices, and varying price points, consumers can be overwhelmed when making their purchase decision. Tasting events provide brand awareness and trial among consumers and supports the retailers desire to give customers variety,” said Statzer.

In a unique marketing mix, PMG Tastings represents brands and suppliers, but works closely with retailers to help them meet their goals in specific product categories. They focus on creating a memorable purchasing experience, generating unique promotional displays that attract and intrigue consumers, as well as employing and training knowledgeable TABC-certified brand ambassadors who sell and advocate the product.

“We drive incremental volume with a sales lift of 2 – 35 times compared to base units sold,” said PMG SVP & COO Derrick Hegman. “It’s a win-win for everyone involved, but most importantly, the customer.”

PMG Staff Are the Key to Success

With 400 brand ambassadors across South Texas that are managed through a call center, PMG Tastings can activate a tasting quickly, providing reliable, timely marketing for brands, suppliers and retailers. Ambassadors are assigned by brand request and store profile, and receive brand and tasting training prior to each activation, and many of the ambassadors are bilingual.

Successful tasting executions are paramount to PMG Tastings growth.

“We appeal to consumers, while providing a turnkey and profitable marketing solution to retailers and participating brands,” said Statzer. “And, without the support of our staff, and the terrific ambassadors, brands, distributors and retailers and store management that allow us to connect with customers, reaching our 100,000th tasting would not have been possible.”


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