Our Story

PMG Tastings delivers great tasting events to retailers throughout Texas in partnership with Pourtastic Tastings LLC.  Both companies thoroughly understand the challenges brands face in creating and executing high-quality, fully compliant alcohol tastings in retail settings. We understand that engaging in-store tasting events should inform and elevate consumer brand awareness, and ultimately influence sales and loyalty.

About Us

Since 2007, tasting events were part of PMG Retail and Entertainment, a national marketing, retail and events services agency dedicated to delivering memorable moments. In 2017, PMG Tastings was spun off from PMG Retail and Entertainment to focus solely on consumer promotions and alcohol tastings for consumers at the retail level.

The company’s mission has always been to deliver memorable moments through great tasting events and outstanding services to all audiences – consumers, brands and retailers.  Our brand ambassadors engage consumers during their shopping experience, share information while providing samples and assist in influencing consumer brand purchasing decisions.

We know that retailers and brands are challenged to create and execute high-quality, fully compliant alcohol tastings at the retail level. Assisting consumers in choosing to purchase the products that brands and retailers are emphasizing is key to successful tasting events.

In 2022, PMG Tastings formed a partnership with Pourtastic Tastings LLC to better serve retailers in supporting their in-store alcohol tasting events. This partnership brings together two of the top tastings management companies in Texas. PMG continues to administer tasting events, often in conjunction with themed retail programs, and Pourtastic manages the brand ambassador scheduling and provides extensive data-driven reporting to both brand and retail clients.

Along with regular tasting events, PMG Tastings offers brands and retailers an extensive lineup of Themed Programs that include holiday and seasonal promotions, and a wide range of unique in-store themed strategies and promotions.

The company also offers its trademarked Cart Wrap®. Our Cart Wrap allows brands and retailers to engage consumers with eye-catching graphics and messaging featuring products they want to sell. These branded shopping cart coverings offer a dynamic and interactive way to advertise products for sampling and purchase. Contact us for more information on how Cart Wraps can be utilized for your brand at retail.

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