Brent Statzer


Brent Statzer is one of the founding partners in PMG, and currently CEO and President.  His role is long-term directions and to oversee client development and promotion offerings in order to grow PMG’s revenues.

Statzer has worked on a variety of promotions including: Coca-Cola Tejano Tour, Selena: The Movie, Pork: Be Inspired launch, Unilever Mambo tour, etc… In 2007, he was instrumental in launching of PMG’s tasting events program which has since executed over 44,800 events!

Statzer began his career at SeaWorld of Texas as an Information Specialist.  He was promoted to positions in Group Sales as an event coordinator, associate sales representative, and then sales representative.

He has been married more for 36 years to his wife Beverly and has two grown children.

He has served on non-profit boards and committees and coached youth leagues for several years.

Statzer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

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